María Mercedes Blázquez

Senior Researcher

My research interest is focussed on the study of the reproductive endocrinology using mainly fish as biological models. Mainly, I tackle two different but complementary disciplines:

  1. Molecular components of sexual maturation in fish with basic and applied studies devoted to key species in aquaculture and fisheries. The main emphasis is given to meiosis onset and pubertal development.
  2. Aquatic ecotoxicology with studies of the alterations of the reproductive system due to the presence of endocrine disrupters and several emerging pollutants in the aquatic environment.

Both research lines are focused on the European sea bass, although some of them have been extensive to other fish species and even molluscs.

The research uses an “omic” approach and involves studies of the genome, transcriptome, and metabolome in species of commercial interest.

I am head of the core facility “Aquaria and Experimental Chambers” of ICM. I am involved in the application of all the regulations for the use of experimental animals in research, providing tools to implement the laws and directives to preserve their welfare.