Research group

Functioning and Vulnerability of Marine Ecosystems

Exploring the effects of stressors and forcing processes on marine ecosystems

The principal aim of the group is to explore the effects of stressors and forcing processes on marine ecosystems with special attention to marine living resources and human activities. The group began in 1993 as a Research Group of Consolidated Quality of the Autonomic Government of Catalunya. Since then, the group has grown steadily by training Ph.D. students that later were contracted under various Spanish and European research programs such as Ramon y Cajal, Marie Curie, Juan de la Cierva, and JAE, and/or became CSIC permanent employees. Today, the group is highly multidisciplinary in terms of research activities, but also in technological aspects, publishing high quality scientific papers and informative reports. Since the beginning, the group has led many research projects funded by the Catalan and the Spanish governments, and the European Union. The group is associated with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

Most relevant information


    Planning and running the workshop “Update and analysis of environmental data and explore the linkages with hake recruitment data”. NatMIRC, Swakopmund, Namibia. 3-14 Sep 2018. International cooperation action funded by Cooperación Española and CETMAR (Spain) and Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (Namibia).

    Coordinación del Servicio de Asesoramiento Pesquero (SAP). Seguimiento pesquero y valoración de las medidas de gestión pesquera en Catalunya. Objetivo principal: seguimiento y evaluación de las principales especies de interés pesquero de la costa catalana (Mediterráneo noroccidental).

    Coordinating research in support to application of Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF) and management advice in the Mediterranean and Black Seas (CREAM)


    • Castejón, Diego; Alba-Tercedor, J.; Rotllant, Guiomar; Ribes, Enric; Durfort, Mercè; Guerao, Guillermo;

      Micro-computed tomography and histology to explore internal morphology in decapod larvae

      Scientific Reports 8: 14399 (2018)
    • Bråte, Inger Lise N.; Blázquez, Mercedes; Brooks, Stephen John; Thomas, Kevin;

      Weathering impacts the uptake of polyethylene microparticles from toothpaste in Mediterranean mussels (M. galloprovincialis)

      Science of the Total Environment 626(1): 1310-1318 (2018)
    • Mechó, Ariadna; Aguzzi, Jacopo; De Mol, Ben; Lastras, G.; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva; Bahamon, Nixon; Company, Joan B.; Canals, Miquel;

      Visual faunistic exploration of geomorphological human-impacted deep-sea areas of the north-western Mediterranean Sea

      Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 98(6): 1241-1252 (2018)