Morane Clavel-Henry

Predoc Trainee

My research aims to estimates the larval dispersal paths of the deep-sea commercial Aristeus antennatus in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea. We expect to understand better the process of connectivity between different shrimp populations in order to provide useful information for local and/or regional management plan. To do so, we run particle tracking models coupled with hydrodynamic simulations of the Mediterranean Sea. Particles are given some biological and behavioral characteristics that correspond to the studied larval species. However, because the knowledge on the pelagical larval stage is scarce, a third of the research was dedicated to estimate those characteristics. The second third determined the entrance of uncertainty from the hydrodynamics and the larval biology in the larval dispersal path. The last third provided results of connectivity between different fishing areas of the northwestern Mediterranean Sea. This research is lead after years of research on the adult shrimp and is supported by another research on the caught A. antennatus larvae during a planktonic survey.