Ariadna Martínez

Predoc Trainee

BSc in Geography and MSc Marine Sciences. I am currently a PhD candidate in the Marine Biogeochemistry and Global Change group at the same institute under the supervision of Carles Pelejero and Eva Calvo. My thesis is framed in the field of Paleoceanography and aims to explore past ocean conditions from the combination of two paleoarchives: deep sea sediment cores and cold water corals (CWC). My main objective is to experimentally calibrate elemental relationships and isotopic ratios of elements such as P, Ba, Cd, B, Li and Mg in the skeletons of Desmophyllum dianthus corals as proxies of nutrient dynamics, seawater pH, carbonate ion concentration and temperature. Parallel to the experiments, I analyze molecular biomarkers in marine sediment cores, which allow the reconstruction of sea surface temperatures, primary production, phytoplankton speciation and terrigenous inputs, amongst other parameters or processes, in the past. My ultimate interest is to understand how Oceans function and their role and implications in regulating Earth’s heat budget and carbon cycle, in the context of Global Change.