Research group

Ocean and Littoral Sedimentary Processes

Dynamics of active sedimentary systems and their anthropogenic impacts

Multidisciplinary group devoted to investigate the processes that govern the dynamics of the current and recent marine sedimentary systems using observational and modelling techniques. We address the causes and effects of natural sedimentary processes and anthropic actions in the marine environment through a multidisciplinary approach, investigating the interactions they have with biological, geochemical and physical processes. We analyze their effects on the ecosystem, their implications for the management of the marine environment and natural resources and their consequences for society. The main topics of our current research cover the morphodynamic evolution of the coast and the continental margins, and the processes of sediment erosion, transport and accumulation, both those current and those that have generated the recent sedimentary record, to contribute to improve the scientific knowledge of current global changes in marine ecosystems and their future evolution.

Most relevant information


    Coastal morphodynamics: modelling of intra-wave processes. 

    Assessment of Bottom-trawling Resuspension Impacts in deep benthic Communities. 

    Participation in the management plan for shrimp fishing in submarine canyons.

    Evaluation of the sediment resuspension reduction in the fishing grounds derived from the change of trawl doors.

    Managing the ICM Coastal Ocean and the Hydrochange Continental Rise Observatories 

    Oceanographic Observatory on the northwestern Mediterranean

    • Palanques, Albert; Paradis Vilar, Sarah; Puig, Pere; Masqué, Pere; Lo Iacono, Claudio;

      Effects of bottom trawling on trace metal contamination of sediments along the submarine canyons of the Gulf of Palermo (southwestern Mediterranean)

    • Isla, Enrique;

      Animal-Energy Relationships in a Changing Ocean: The Case of Continental Shelf Macrobenthic Communities on the Weddell Sea and the Vicinity of the Antarctic Peninsula

    • Simarro, Gonzalo; Calvete, Daniel;

      UBathy (v2.0): A Software to Obtain the Bathymetry from Video Imagery

    • Lo Iacono, Claudio; Guillén, Jorge; Guerrero, Queralt; Durán, Ruth; Wardell, Catherine; Hall, Rob. A.; Aslam, Tahmeena; Carter, Gareth D.O.; Gales, Jennifer A.; Huvenne, Veerle A.I.;

      Bidirectional bedform fields at the head of a submarine canyon (NE Atlantic)