Research group

Ocean and Littoral Sedimentary Processes

Investigating the processes that govern the dynamics of marine sedimentary systems

Multidisciplinary group devoted to investigate the processes that govern the dynamics of the current and recent marine sedimentary systems using observational and modelling techniques. We address the causes and effects of natural sedimentary processes and anthropic actions in the marine environment through a multidisciplinary approach, investigating the interactions they have with biological, geochemical and physical processes. We analyze their effects on the ecosystem, their implications for the management of the marine environment and natural resources and their consequences for society. The main topics of our current research cover the morphodynamic evolution of the coast and the continental margins, and the processes of sediment erosion, transport and accumulation, both those current and those that have generated the recent sedimentary record, to contribute to improve the scientific knowledge of current global changes in marine ecosystems and their future evolution.

Most relevant information


    Time Series of Hydrochange. Catalán continental rise. Currents, temperature, salinity, turbidity.

    Time Series of the Coastal Ocean Observatory, Barcelona, Castelldefels, Vilanova I la Geltrú. Video monitoring, temperature, salinity, currents, turbidity, water samples, sediment samples, sediment grain size, nutrients, chlorophyll.

    Oceanographic chuises: Abides1, Abides, 2, Abides ROV, Abides 3. Chief SAcientist: Pere Puig

    • Paradis Vilar, Sarah; Lo Iacono, Claudio; Masqué, Pere; Puig, Pere; Palanques, Albert; Russo, Tommaso; ISLAND Cruise Team;

      Evidence of large increases in sedimentation rates due to fish trawling in submarine canyons of the Gulf of Palermo (SW Mediterranean)

    • Gutt, Julian; Isla, Enrique; Xavier, José C.; Adams, Byron J.; Ahn, In-Young; Cheng, C.-H. Christina; Colesie, Claudia; Cummings, Vonda J.; Prisco, Guido di; Griffiths, Huw J.; Hawes, Ian; Hogg, Ian; McIntyre, Trevor; Meiners, Klaus M.; Pearce, David A.; Peck, Lloyd S.; Piepenburg, Dieter; Reisinger, Ryan R.; Saba, Grace K.; Schloss, Irene R.; Signori, Camila N.; Smith, Craig R.; Vacchi, Marino; Verde, Cinzia; Wall, Diana H.;

      Antarctic ecosystems in transition - life between stresses and opportunities

    • Paradis Vilar, Sarah; Goñi, Miguel; Masqué, Pere; Durán, Ruth; Arjona, Marta; Palanques, Albert; Puig, Pere;

      Persistence of Biogeochemical Alterations of Deep‐Sea Sediments by Bottom Trawling

    • Swart, Rinse L. de; Ribas, Francesca; Simarro, Gonzalo; Guillén, Jorge; Calvete, Daniel;

      The role of bathymetry and directional wave conditions on observed crescentic bar dynamics

    • Isla, Enrique; DeMaster, D.J.;

      Biogenic matter content in marine sediments in the vicinity of the Antarctic Peninsula: Recent sedimentary conditions under a diverse environment of production, transport, selective preservation and accumulation