Elisabet Bonfill

Predoc Trainee

Eli is oceanographer and science communicator whose interests are related to outreach and science communication, citizen science and ocean-related education.

She has a BSc in Marine Sciences from Alicante University, a MSc in Marine Sciences from Barcelona University and she is finishing a MSc in Scientific Outreach from Isabel I University.

She created her own company (with a business partner) in 2012, Plàncton, Divulgació i Serveis Marins, a marine consultancy specialized on outreach and environmental education, with a diving center, all based in l'Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona). Also, she is an active member of Graëllsia, Grup d'Estudis i Comunicació Ambiental, an environmental association whose aim is to implement the land stewardship in Terres de l'Ebre region. She is the volunteer coordinator of marine affairs.

Eli speaks catalan and spanish as mother tongues, and also english and french.