Jorge B. Guillén

Senior Researcher

My research is focused on sediment dynamics in shallow waters, from the shoreline to the shelf-break, and morphodynamics and coastal evolution under different time-scales (from storm events to historical perspective) and relationships and sediment exchanges between different shallow water zones, as dune-nearshore interactions and the shoreface- shelf transition. My research is mainly based on “in situ” and remote observations about sediment distribution, hydrography, morphology, impacts on benthic communities, and waves and currents to study sediment transport processes and the morphodynamic evolution. I was responsible of the first deployment of fully instrumented benthic tripods in the Mediterranean and the video monitoring station in Spain (second in Europe), which is still working. Last years the focus of my investigation was the study of bedforms in the western Mediterranean margins, studying formation, evolution, maintenance and disappearance of different types of bedforms. I am also involved in coastal management strategies and the evaluation of coastal risks. I am aware that my specific knowledge of the oceanography requires of the collaboration with other specialists (especially physics, biology and engineering) to obtain an holistic understanding of marine processes.