Rafael Bartolomé

Core facility head
Senior Researcher

My primary scientific interest is within Earth´s Sciences, in the study of the deep structure and tectonics in active continental margins using a multidisciplinary approach and tools (seismic, bathymetry, and gravity). 1) Scientific objectives: I investigate the style of deformation and the processes involved, identifying the active tectonic structures, mapping and imaging active faults, solving the 3D structure, providing new constraints into the deep crustal structure and looking into the nature of the crust, in two particular scenarios: a) earthquake (and tsunami) high hazard areas, as the Gulf of Cadiz, and b) lithospheric rupture and continental rifting areas, as the Gulf of California. 2) Methodological objective: I carry out the design of seismic sources to improve data acquisition (and therefore imaging), with the aim to focus the energy on the correct frequency bandwidth according to each experiment. I also performs new processing techniques, as pre-stack depth migration for MCS data and coherency filters for wide-angle seismic data, and by selecting new advanced processing and interpretation tools to make them available in a processing laboratory.