<a href="/en/scientists-describe-detail-life-cycle-and-infection-kinetics-marine-parasite">Scientists describe in detail the life cycle and the infection kinetics of a marine parasite </a><div>23 November 2015 - Parasites are an important cause of mortality in many different organisms, and this affects the functioning of ecosystems and the entire biosphere. However, the strategies developed by...</div> <a href="/en/surprising-adaptation-low-nutrient-concentration-strategy-unveiled-marine-bacteria">A surprising adaptation to low nutrient concentration strategy unveiled in marine bacteria</a><div>20 November 2015 - A general principle of biology is that all cell membranes are built from phospholipids, i.e. lipids containing phosphorus. Until recently it was thought that these molecules were...</div> <a href="/en/new-insights-aging-copepods">New insights into the aging of copepods</a><div>16 November 2015 - A scientific study reveals that the aging process in marine copepods is linked to an increase in cellular oxidative damage. Moreover, overeating increases mortality rates and shortens the life of these components of the plankton. These are the main results that a team of scientists from...</div>

Recent publications

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Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 120, 2, 859-874. DOI: 10.1002/2014JC010466.

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