<a href="/en/knowing-icms-biological-reference-collections">Knowing the ICM&#039;s Biological Reference Collections </a><div>24 October 2014 - Since the &#39;80, the ICM holds the Biological Reference Collections (CBR), which contain a natural history heritage of over 1.800 marine species and more of 26.000 catalogued specimens of Fishes, Crustaceans and Cephalopods, came from all over the world...</div> <a href="/en/icm-leads-next-antarctic-cruise-explores-influence-marine-plankton-cloud-formation">The ICM leads next Antarctic cruise that explores the influence of marine plankton on cloud formation</a><div>20 October 2014 - The BIO Hesperides research vessel sets sail today bound for Antarctica with thirty researchers of PEGASO (Plankton-derived Emission of trace Gases and Aerosols in the...</div> <a href="/en/%E2%80%9Cqualitative-mathematical-modelling-complex-systems%E2%80%9D-workshop-concluded">The “Qualitative Mathematical Modelling of Complex Systems” workshop concluded</a><div>30 September 2014 - From 22 to 26 September a course on &lsquo;Qualitative Mathematical Modelling of Complex Systems&rsquo; was held at ICM headquarters, by Professor&nbsp; Jeffrey Dambacher from CSIRO (...</div>

Recent publications

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