<a href="/en/submarine-eruption-el-hierro-allowed-detection-microorganisms-typical-deep-hydrothermal-vents-and">The submarine eruption of El Hierro allowed detection of microorganisms typical from deep hydrothermal vents and an increase in microbial metabolic activity.</a><div>12 February 2015 - In October 2011 took place the first submarine volcanic eruption in the last 500 yrs. of the...</div> <a href="/en/icm-and-boats-taking-part-barcelona-world-race-201415-collaborate-several-scientific-projects">The ICM and the boats taking part of the Barcelona World Race 2014/15 collaborate in several scientific projects.</a><div>31 December 2014 - Today starts in Barcelona the third edition of the Barcelona World Race 2014/15. All of the boats participating in the regatta are taking part in...</div> <a href="/en/institute-marine-sciences-wishes-you-happy-new-year">The Institute of Marine Sciences wishes you Happy New Year!</a><div>19 December 2014 - BON ANY&nbsp; &iexcl;FELIZ A&Ntilde;O!&nbsp; HAPPY NEW YEAR<br />
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Recent publications

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