<a href="/en/icm-hosts-2nd-edition-eukref-workshop-and-unieuk-steering-committee-meeting">ICM hosts the 2nd edition of the EukRef Workshop and the UniEuk Steering Committee Meeting</a><div>2 December 2016 - The second workshop of EukRef, a 18S rRNA Gene Collaborative Annotation Initiative, took place at the ICM from November 28th until December 2nd.<br />
Within the framework of this community-wide...</div> <a href="/en/european-project-restore-marine-habitats-and-biodiversity">A European project to restore marine habitats and biodiversity.</a><div>29 November 2016 - Human activities disturb the ecosystem balance. Oceans and coasts are not an exception and the degradation of marine habitats threat many species. Restoration of ecosystems is one of the tools, sometimes the only one, to maintain their...</div> <a href="/en/barcelona-brings-together-more-40-scientists-experts-ecology-and-genomics-microorganisms-within">Barcelona brings together more than 40 scientists experts in ecology and genomics of microorganisms within the framework of the project SINGEK Training Network</a><div>11 November 2016 - More than 40 researchers from 14 different countries have met this week for the opening meeting of...</div>

Recent publications

Juan C., G. Ercilla, F.J. Hernández-Molina, F. Estrada, B. Alonso, D. Casas, M. García, M. Farran, E. Llave, D. Palomino, J.-T. Vázquez, T. Medialdea, C. Gorini, E. D'Acremont, B. El Moumni, A. Ammar
Marine Geology, 378, 292-311. DOI: 10.1016/j.margeo.2016.01.006
Olivar M.P., J.I. González-Gordillo, J. Salat, G. Chust, A. Cózar, S. Hernández-León, M.L. Fernández de Puelles, X. Irigoien
Marine and Freshwater Research, 67, 8, 1114-1127. DOI: 10.1071/MF14391
Colmenero A.I., M. Demestre, P. Sánchez
Cahiers de Biologie Marine, 57, 2, 161-165.

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