<a href="/en/third-edition-ramon-margalef-summer-colloquium-starts-today-icm">The third edition of Ramon Margalef Summer Colloquium starts today at the ICM</a><div>6 July 2015 - The third edition of the Ramon Margalef Summer Colloquia is starting today at the facilities of the Institute of Marine Sciences, and it will last until the Friday 10th of July.<br />
This year&rsquo;s colloquium is devoted to...</div> <a href="/en/kayak-clubs-offers-their-collaboration-icm%E2%80%99s-research">Kayak clubs offers their collaboration to ICM’s research </a><div>3 June 2015 - With the title of Citizen Science or How kayakers can contribute to scientific research past 30 and 31of May took place in Llan&ccedil;&agrave; (Spain) the IV Kayaking and Environment Workshop 2015, organized by the Pagaia Kayak Club. At the...</div> <a href="/en/icm-and-icgc-collaborate-recover-aerial-photographs-catalan-coast-late-1970%E2%80%99s">The ICM and ICGC collaborate to recover aerial photographs of the Catalan coast at the late 1970’s</a><div>2 June 2015 - The Department of Physical and Technological Oceanography of ICM has delivered to the Institut Cartogr&agrave;fic i Geol&ograve;gic de Catalunya (Cartographic and Geological...</div>


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