<a href="/en/institute-marine-sciences-wishes-you-happy-new-year">The Institute of Marine Sciences wishes you Happy New Year!</a><div>19 December 2014 - BON ANY&nbsp; &iexcl;FELIZ A&Ntilde;O!&nbsp; HAPPY NEW YEAR<br />
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</div> <a href="/en/antarctica-day-flags-classroom-antarctica">Antarctica Day: flags from the classroom to the Antarctica</a><div>1 December 2014 - Antarctica is an amazing place, filled with fascinating forms of marine life, mountains of ice, and vast polar deserts. It is also a place of peace and scientific Discovery because of the Antarctic Treaty, which was ratified on December 1st 1959.<br />
Continuing...</div> <a href="/en/icm-hosts-meeting-propose-canada-eu-marine-cooperation-cabled-observatory-science">The ICM hosts a meeting to propose a Canada-EU marine cooperation in cabled observatory science</a><div>24 November 2014 - The growing socio-economic concern over the best practices for the exploration, catastrophic event detection, and sustainable management of marine ecosystems has driven the...</div>

Recent publications

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