<a href="/en/third-edition-ramon-margalef-summer-colloquium-starts-today-icm">The third edition of Ramon Margalef Summer Colloquium starts today at the ICM</a><div>6 July 2015 - The third edition of the Ramon Margalef Summer Colloquia is starting today at the facilities of the Institute of Marine Sciences, and it will last until the Friday 10th of July.<br />
This year&rsquo;s colloquium is devoted to...</div> <a href="/en/analysis-microfossils-marine-sediments-indicates-deep-ocean-would-have-been-potential-co2-storage">The analysis of microfossils from marine sediments indicates that the deep ocean would have been a potential CO2 storage during the last glacial</a><div>3 July 2015 - Abstract: Consistent evidence for a poorly ventilated deep Pacific Ocean that could have released its radiocarbon-...</div> <a href="/en/new-study-looks-how-tohow-improve-conservation-biodiversity-protected-areas">A new study looks at how tohow to improve the conservation of biodiversity in protected areas</a><div>4 June 2015 - Abstract: The integration of ecological and evolutionary data is highly valuable for conservation planning. However, it has been rarely used in the marine realm, where the adequate design of...</div>

Recent publications

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