<a href="/en/continental-erosion-facilitated-expansion-marine-diatoms">Continental erosion facilitated the expansion of marine diatoms</a><div>24 March 2015 - Every day marine microalgae called diatoms take up 70 million tons of inorganic carbon from seawater to produce organic matter, a part of which sinks out into the deep ocean and sediments. This mechanism known as the oceanic biological pump...</div> <a href="/en/cmima-reaches-4000-entries-digitalcsic-we-are-first-centre-csic-natural-resources-area">The CMIMA reaches 4000 entries in Digital.CSIC, we are the first centre of the CSIC Natural Resources Area</a><div>13 March 2015 - At the Environmental Centre of Marine and Environmental Research (CMIMA) we celebrate today that our Centre, formed by the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM) and the...</div> <a href="/en/submarine-eruption-el-hierro-allowed-detection-microorganisms-typical-deep-hydrothermal-vents-and">The submarine eruption of El Hierro allowed detection of microorganisms typical from deep hydrothermal vents and an increase in microbial metabolic activity.</a><div>12 February 2015 - In October 2011 took place the first submarine volcanic eruption in the last 500 yrs. of the...</div>

Recent publications

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