Research group

Marine Biogeochemistry, Atmosphere and Climate

Gaining knowledge on the role of the marine biosphere in climate and global environmental change

Our research addresses the central role of the marine biosphere in the cycling of elements (mainly C, N and S) in the oceans and across the ocean-atmosphere boundary in the context of global environmental change. Both benthic and pelagic ecosystems are considered as drivers and receptors of climate and biogeochemical changes, and the ecophysiological bases of their responses are addressed. The main research topics are ocean acidification and warming, paleoceanography, ecology of benthic communities, chemical communication, organic matter biogeochemistry, plastic pollution, air-sea exchanges, and biogenic aerosols and their effects on clouds. Ours is a multi-scale perspective both through time (past, present and future), space (local to global), and completeness (molecules to biosphere). Tools include chemical, isotopic and microscopic analyses, molecular biology, time series and oceanographic studies, lab manipulations, global databases, autonomous platforms, and numerical models.

Most relevant information


    Time Series of l’Estartit, 42.05N, 3.25E, Monthly. CO2 system parameters (pH, alkalinity), dissolved O2.

    Blanes Bay Microbial Observatory, 41.7N, 2.8E. CO2 system parameters (pH, alkalinity), dissolved O2.

    Cristina Romera-Castillo received the Raymond L. Lindeman Award 2020 from the Association for the Science of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO)

    In 2020, Manuel Dall’Osto was the only researcher from Spain who was aboard the R/V Polarstern during the international MOSAIC expedition, the largest research project ever conducted in the Arctic

    • Zamanillo Campos, Marina; Ortega-Retuerta, E.; Cisternas-Novoa, Carolina; Marrasé, Cèlia; Pelejero, Carles; Pascual, Josep; Gasol, Josep M.; Engel, Anja; Simó, Rafel;

      Uncoupled seasonal variability of transparent exopolymer and Coomassie stainable particles in coastal Mediterranean waters: Insights into sources and driving mechanisms

    • Brean, James; Dall'Osto, Manuel; Simó, Rafel; Shi, Zongbo; Beddows, D.C.S.; Harrison, Roy M.;

      Open ocean and coastal new particle formation from sulfuric acid and amines around the Antarctic Peninsula

    • Martínez-Dios, Ariadna; Pelejero, Carles; Cobacho Jimenez, Sara; Movilla, Juan Ignacio; Dinarès-Turell, J.; Calvo, Eva María;

      A 1-Million-Year Record of Environmental Change in the Central Mediterranean Sea From Organic Molecular Proxies

    • Morganti, T.; Ribes, Marta; Moskovich, Raz; Weisz, Jeremy; Yahel, G.; Coma, Rafael;

      In situ Pumping Rate of 20 Marine Demosponges is a Function of Osculum Area

    • Amaral, Valentina; Romera-Castillo, Cristina; Forja, Jesús M.;

      Submarine mud volcanoes as a source of chromophoric dissolved organic matter to the deep waters of the Gulf of Cádiz