Carolina Gabarró

Senior Researcher

My research is focused on developing remote sensing applications to improve the data quality of variables such as salinity, which is closely related to sea ice melting and gives us a picture of the rate at which our planet is warming.



I am currently studying the ability of SMOS and other radiometers to measure characteristics of Arctic ice (thickness and extent of ice), as well as producing new algorithms for mapping thickness and extent of good quality ice from low-level data. I am also interested in studying the Arctic freshwater fluxes, as well as possible synergies between sensors to improve the quality and resolution of geophysical data.

Currently, my work is oriented to two main areas: to develop various remote sensing applications, by improving the algorithms to recover the geophysical data variables from SMOS and other satellites. The second area is the study of climate change by analysing the temporal variation of certain parameters of the cryosphere obtained from satellite data.