Research group

Ecology of Marine Microbes

We study the diversity, function and evolution of marine microbes

The EMM Research Group was created in 1997 to join scientists interested in understanding how the marine microbial plankton functions, how it is affected by environmental gradients, and what is their role in ocean biogeochemical cycles. Today, the group studies the full microbial food web (viruses, prokaryotes and eukaryotes) and apply complementary tools to data acquired from (i) oceanographic cruises, (ii) a permanent sampling station (Blanes Bay Microbial Observatory), and (iii) experiments in the lab. The EMM Research group includes 10 senior scientists, 11 postdocs, 13 PhD students and 8 technicians and has a longstanding track record in training students and researchers from a variety of levels and backgrounds. The group is continuously funded by National and EU projects, and has participated in the global Malaspina and TaraOceans circumnavigation programs.

Most relevant information


    J.M. Gasol, Severo Ochoa scientific director; R. Massana, R. Logares, S.A. Acinas, garants

    M.M. Sala, elected vice-president of the Societat Catalana de Biologia (IEC)

    D. Vaqué, Task Leader of PolarCSIC-PTI; SG Acinas, M.M Sala, participants

    M.M. Sala, ICM representative of SusPlast-PTI

    S.A. Acinas, Member of the scientific advisory board in the Area Environmental Sciences of the FUNDACION GADEA CIENCIA

    D. Vaqué, Delegate of Life sciences of SCAR-Spain (Steering committe of Antarctic Research) 

    M.M. Sala, Member of the Expert Panel of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), Belgium


    • Deutschmann, Ina; Delage, Erwan; Giner, Caterina R.; Sebastián, Marta; Poulain, Julie; Arístegui, Javier; Duarte, Carlos M.; Acinas, Silvia G.; Massana, Ramon; Gasol, Josep M.; Eveillard, Damien; Chaffron, Samuel; Logares, Ramiro;

      Disentangling microbial networks across pelagic zones in the tropical and subtropical global ocean

    • Obiol, Áleix; López-Escardó, David; Salomaki, Eric D.; Wiśniewska, Monika M.; Forn, Irene; Sà, Elisabet L.; Vaqué, Dolors; Kolisko, Martin; Massana, Ramon;

      Gene expression dynamics of natural assemblages of heterotrophic flagellates during bacterivory

    • Coutinho, Felipe Hernandes; Silveira, Cynthia B.; Sebastián, Marta; Sánchez, Pablo; Duarte, Carlos M.; Vaqué, Dolors; Gasol, Josep M.; Acinas, Silvia G.;

      Water mass age structures the auxiliary metabolic gene content of free-living and particle-attached deep ocean viral communities

    • Latorre, Fran; Deutschmann, Ina; Labarre, Aurélie; Obiol, Aleix; Krabberød, Anders K.; Pelletier, Eric; Sieracki, Michael E.; Cruaud, Corinne; Jaillon, Olivier; Massana, Ramon; Logares, Ramiro;

      Niche adaptation promoted the evolutionary diversification of tiny ocean predators
    • Royo-Llonch, Marta; Sánchez, Pablo; Ruiz-González, Clara; Salazar, Guillem; Pedrós-Alió, Carlos; Sebastián, Marta; Labadie, Karine; Paoli, Lucas; Ibarbalz, Federico M.; Zinger, Lucie; Churcheward, Benjamin; Tara Oceans Coordinators; Chaffron, Samuel; Eveillard, Damien; Karsenti, Eric; Sunagawa, Shinichi; Wincker, Patrick; Karp-Boss, Lee; Bowler, Chris; Acinas, Silvia G.;

      Compendium of 530 metagenome-assembled bacterial and archaeal genomes from the polar Arctic Ocean