Mª Dolors Vaqué

Senior Researcher

I have a wide experience in marine microbial ecology. My research is focused on identifying marine planktonic microorganisms and viruses, quantifying their biomass and activity, their interaction with each other, and with physical-chemical factors.



I am studying the main "predators" (viruses and protists) and their "preys" (bacteria and picoeukaryotes) and evaluate the role that viruses play as regulators of prokaryotic and eukaryotic biomass and diversity. Finally, the study of perturbations introduced in the microbial trophic networks, due to global change are decisive in developing predictive models in the production change of marine systems. Currently, I am developing techniques to detect who is infecting whom. These techniques are being tested with cultured virus-host models and then transferred to the sea. With the collaboration of Drs. Ramiro Logares and Ramon Massana I am investigating viral sequences on protists cells derived from Single Amplified Genomes (SAGs). This makes possible the detection of viral genes in non-cultivated hosts in different latitudes and thus, to identify which viruses infect them in nature. My more than 30 years of expertise have resulted in the publication of 96 scientific papers (H index of 38), the invitations to international meetings and the lead of several international and Spanish research projects.